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HIring Process alone

The employee selection reality:

  • Only 5% of organizations feel they have "Best in Class" hiring processes in place - CEB, Global Market Survey
  • The cost of a bad hire is estimated to be 50% to 100% of first year pay.
  • "Too many organizations make crucial hiring decisions based on impressions (background, resume, interview) rather than data" LinkedIn - Global Recruiting Trends

In our company, Tom Krekel is a PXT Select Certified Professional and an Authorized Partner.


PXT Select™ fills the gap between the resume and the interview. Its power is in comparing a candidate's thinking style, interests and behavioral traits with the known profile of people who have been successful in the specific job role. These profiles are called Performance Models. See the left hand column to get one the next time you're filling a position.

Where you have an existing team, we can use the PXT Select™ profile to chart the thinking style, interests, and behavioral traits of that team. Knowing those profiles allows us to modify a Performance Model to more closely portray what works in your organization. 

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This booklet will show you the variety of reports and how they can be used.

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& Talent Development

We offer advisory services in conjunction with the PXT Select reports on coaching and development. The insights from this data supports your succession planning initiatives. 

We offer one-on-one and small group coaching programs, specializing in emerging leaders and executive team members. When appropriate we'll incorporate Everything DiSC's "363" to give leaders feedback from co-workers, direct reports and other leaders in the organization.

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