The One Page Strategic Plan

Have you ever considered running your business from a One Page Strategic Plan?

Our clients value the simplicity we bring to the planning and execution process.

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We create your 90 day plan each quarter 

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In our work with you, these are the 4 decisions we address:




Would you enthusiatically rehire everyone on your team?

Does everyone on your team have absolute clarity on the outcomes you're counting on them for?



Can you state your strategy in a sentence? Can your people?

Does what you do matter to your customers? Is what you do different enough from your competitors that customers notice? Are your top-line revenues growing?



Do you have a culture of accountability? Do people "own" their jobs?

Are top-line revenues converting to bottom-line profit?  Does communication flow through the organization readily?
How many consecutive months have you exceeded your revenue or profit goals?                            



Are you increasing cash flow without outside financing? 

Is the business producing enough profit to support your personal financial goals?


Tom Krekel's eBook: Building Accountability to Get Things Done

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